Drawing7 Self Representation

Make a self portrait on paper in color. Use at least three but no more than six colors. Use any materials you want---crayon, pastel, collage, found color, water color, oil, acrylic, colored pencil, magic markers and so on. (One note on collage: you can for instance cut strips of color from a magazine illustration, but at this point I don't want you to import a whole image that is already in two dimensions. No photographic images. You can however interpolate a part or whole of one of your own drawings or sketch book pages) Try to fill or account for all the space of the page. I want you to become hyper aware of the boundary of the edge and how it affects composition. This self-portrait can be "realistic". (if it is, try to avoid "the staring eye syndrome" and try to make the nose look like it sticks out.) It can be "psychological". It can be metaphoric or involve a self-surrogate. Work on several and we'll analyze them in class and hopefully pick the most interesting one to then develop into the final portrait. --Billy Sullivan