QuickVector Xtra

QuickVector is an Asset Xtra (plugin) for Macromedia Director. It creates a new kind of sprite which draws lines, curves, polygons, and more in different colors using Lingo code - extremely fast. This Xtra was written for Tangible Typography, a UCLA Design | Media Arts class taught by Jennifer Steinkamp and Gail Swanlund, in which students are instructed to control typography in complex interactive ways. As the TA, I was dissatisfied with the default "vector" object - as it was not fast enough to give realtime control to the vertices of everyday vector art. Consequentially, the plugin also provides an easy way to implement a simple paint program, providing many "shape drawing" functions that are traditionally forged using unexpected Director work-around techniques. Pelina.net has used Quickvector in past projects. QuickVector was used by Prof. Christian Moeller and TA Fabian Winkler to teach UCLA Design | Media Arts course 157A Interactive Media. Quickvector is not available for download at this time.