Impracticality: Early Attempts At Interactivity

This was my first and earliest attempt in high school to create art with my programming. I was still very new at computers, and at the time, making a great effort to apply those skills I had learned for fun on my graphing calculator - to my PC. I loved making little games and tiny reactive geometries, but I was tired of the slow processor - and I wanted to work with a mouse instead of directional arrows. I also felt that as an artist, I should get to know the computer as deep as possible - as I had been attempting to do in all the other media I was working with. The idea was that I would create a series of screen savers which responded not just to time, but also to the mouse and keyboard. I think I called it Impracticality because the idea of a bunch of programs that did nothing - was still a weird concept for me. I wanted to be upfront with people that these were not tools. The pieces did not mean much to anyone. They were mainly meant for myself, my mother, my brother Marc, and my father - until I showed them to a few friends in college a year later. The amount of encouragement I received for these pieces made me feel young again, and I decided to pursue it further, practically leaving my beloved oilpaints and Nikormat camera behind.